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Are you looking for a springboard to build and develop your career?  Do you want to find a job to develop your expertise and skills? Do you dream of a job where the result of your daily work is an important contribution to the development of the whole company?

Itella offers career opportunities for professionals and experts in various areas, from initial positions to the expert and executive level.

Every day all our employees contribute to the success of our customers and that's why our company is successful. Itella achieves this objective by offering business solutions in transportation services, warehouse logistics and solutions for eCommerce.

We are a major employer operating in Northern and Central Europe and Russia. The diverse structure of the company's branches enables the employees to change locations and develop their professional abilities and careers while remaining in the same company. Itella is a responsible employer that provides social guarantees, protection and stability for its employees in accordance with the law.

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We offer warehouse storage for industries
В 1638 y.
founded in Finland
25 years
in Russia
250 000 м²
warehouse spaces
1650 mln €
company turnover