Licensed pharmaceutical warehouse

Itella has its own license for storage of pharmaceutical goods.

These warehousing facilities fully comply with requirements to storage and processing of pharmaceutical products.

The state-of-the-art equipment of warehouses and its own license allows Itella to provide the whole range of services in storage and delivery of pharmaceutical industry goods.

Our customers from the pharmaceuticals industry can use the following services:

  • Lease and sublease of class A warehouses with all warehousing equipment and arranged operations according to standards of handling of medicine and requirements of the Customer,

  • Servicing of medical equipment and pharmaceutical goods,

  • Support in obtaining a sanitary and epidemiological inspection report, license and other permitting documents,

  • Carriage of pharmaceutical products and other medical goods by road with vehicles able to maintain the temperature range (+2 to +25 ̊C) required according to storage conditions,

  • Arrangement of escort of vehicles carrying medical products, where necessary,

  • Provision of detached areas for medicines and veterinary preparations,

  • Arrangement of secure storage of cosmetics, medical equipment, marketing products and other associated goods that do not require license.

One of the main conditions for provision of services to companies from the pharmaceutical industry is possession of certificates and quality standards by the logistical operator. Itella’s management system in Russia conforms to ISO 9001:2015 standards.

Operations of our warehouse employees fully conforms to standards and requirements specified for storage facilities and personnel, e.g.: obligatory possession of health permits, delivery of goods to the warehouse performed with attendance of a customer’s representative, handling, dispatch, switching status of goods to “Quarantine”/”Rejects”, etc., and other business processes, where necessary – jointly developed and implemented to improve quality of provided services.

You can use other additional services, such as presale preparation of goods for market, repacking, labeling, assistance in customs clearance.

Advantages of working with Itella
  • One of leading 3PL operators in Russia. Careful and secure storage of cargoes since 1996.
  • Technology intensive class A warehouses. Extensive infrastructure to perform package operations.
  • State-of-the-art warehouse management system WMS PSI.
  • License for storage of pharmaceutical products.
  • High insurance cover. Our customers are insured with the largest insurance company of Russia.

We offer warehouse storage for industries
We provide a full range of logistics services, from responsible storage of goods to managing the entire supply chain.
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