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Dear colleagues, customers and partners!

I am glad to welcome you on the pages of Itella Russia website.

Itella is a Finnish state-owned company owned by Posti, Finland's national post office. In addition to postal services, Posti provides logistics services in 8 European countries, including Russia.

Today Itella is one of the leaders on the Russian logistics market, both in terms of the number of warehouse space and the quality of services provided. But leadership is not static, it needs to be supported every day. Our task is to continue to expand our activities as a logistics operator for contract logistics, as well as to occupy a leading position in transport logistics. It is important to continue to provide high quality services to our customers and be a reliable partner for our contractors and suppliers. The development of services for target strategic industries such as pharmaceutical companies is also a priority.

We should remember that leadership is not only a position on the market, but also an atmosphere within the company: the best employees, the best technology, the best working conditions. We want the best specialists in our field to work in our team; the portfolio to include the best customers, recognized leaders in their industries, and high-level professionals in the ranks of our suppliers.

Today, among our clients are well-known international and Russian companies representing various business industries, such as pharmaceutical, household appliances and electronics, consumer goods, clothes and shoes, and many others.

Customers choose us because we:

  • Professionals in logistics with many years of experience;
  • We focus on quality of service;
  • We value the business of our clients as well as our own, and grow with them.

If you are interested in ambitious tasks and their implementation - welcome to the Itella team! If you need professional logistics services at a high quality level, Itella is at your service. We are working to ensure that the services of our company bring maximum value to our customers in all areas of logistics: in transport and contract logistics, consulting, IT, etc.

I will be glad if our website helps you make the right choice.


Jussi Kuutsa

President of Itella Russia

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